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March 2015

Dr. Kevin Petrecca – Chief of the Department of Neurosurgery, MUHC

In November 2014, Normand Rinfret announced the appointment of Kevin Petrecca to the position of Chief of Neurosurgery, MUHC. Dr. Petrecca obtained his undergraduate degree, PhD and MD at McGill and completed his residency at The Neuro in 2007. He is Director of the Neuro-Oncology Clinical Trials Program at McGill University and a member of the Cedars Cancer Institute Advisory Board.

Dr. Petrecca leads an active research program focusing on discovering mechanisms that regulate brain cancer development, differentiation, invasion and resistance to treatment. His surgical research aims to develop and validate novel technologies to optimize glioma surgery. His recent work in collaboration with Frederic Leblond (Polytechnique Montréal) was published in Science Translational Medicine (Communiqué) and the pair were named Personalité de la semaine by La Presse (February 14).

Dr. Anne-Louise Lafontaine – Interim Chief of the Department of Neurology, MUHC

Dr. Lafontaine is an Associate Professor in McGill’s Faculty of Medicine and is the Director of the McGill Movement Disorder Clinic. She is a recognized national speaker in the disciplines of Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders. Her role as Director of the Neurology Residency Training program has won her numerous awards for excellence in clinical teaching.

Dr. Lafontaine’s appointment took effect on November 17, 2014, replacing Dr. Liam Durcan who served as Interim Chief since 2011. Thanks go to Dr. Durcan for his commitment and leadership over the past two and a half years.

Dr. Robert Côté – Medical Director for the MUHC Stroke Program

Dr. Côté is a vascular neurologist known for his expertise in stroke at the regional, provincial, national and international levels. Dr. Côté will work in collaboration with a Clinical Nurse Specialist, Rosa Sourial, and with the on-site leads at the MNH: Dr. Jeanne Teitelbaum and Donatella Tampieri and at the MGH: Dr. Lucy Vieira and Dr. Eric Erhensperger, to administer the program.

Thanks and appreciation to Dr Liam Durcan, who stepped down as co-leader last year, for all of his valuable work in the development of the program.

Dr. Ivan Woods retires

For 50 years, Dr. Ivan Woods enriched the medical profession in Montreal as neurologist, teacher and administrator. Born in Ireland, he was a prize-winning graduate of University College Dublin, earning medals for surgery, clinical medicine and therapeutics. In 1966, he became a medical resident at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital (“The Neuro”), where over the next 44 years he was both an attending neurologist and a professor in McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine. He also served for 14 years as The Neuro’s Director of Professional Services, a tribute to his administrative skill and instituted a neurology consultation service at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

His patients knew him as a compassionate physician whose medical opinions were made with exceptionally critical and realistic judgment. A father and grandfather several times over, he happily shared his joie de vivre with all.

In December, Dr. Woods retired. All of us wish him the best of joyful times.

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