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August 2014

The following trainees who received support:

2014-2015 Fellowship Awardees
Banque Nationale Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Christopher Kent (K. Petrecca)
CIBC Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Brain Imaging: Benjamin Morillon (S. Baillet)
Jeanne Timmins Costello Fellowships: Marc Fournier (A. Evans); Chansuai Han (P. McPherson); Budhachandra Khundrakpam (A. Evans); Nedialko Krouchev (A. Shmuel); Gopinath Kulasekaran (P. McPherson); Hassan Rivaz (L. Collins); Ami Tsuchida (B. Milner)
Preston Robb Fellowship: Ilan Goldberg (J. Gotman / F. Dubeau)

2014 Travel Awardees
Arthur Victor Movement Disorder Travel Awards: Vladimir Rymar and Jean-Francois Daneault (A. Sadikot)
Richard Murphy Travel Awards: Mary Sutherland (R. Zatorre), Miguel Cisneros-Franco (E. de Villers-Sidani), Therese Lennert (S. Baillet)
Simon Groom Travel Award: Seok-Jun Hong (A. Bernasconi)

Dr. Michel Aube, who received the Award of Distinction for Outstanding Contributions to McGill Neurology at the 2014 Neurology Day Dinner
Dr. Martin Veilleux, who received the Teaching Award at the 2014 Neurology Day Dinner
Dr. Karine Garneau (R4), who received the Adele D’Amato Scholarship at the 2014 Neurology Day Dinner.  This award ($1000) is given annually to a resident who promotes scholarly activity or contributes to educational aspects of the program.


Dr. Ronald Postuma, who received a salary award from the Fonds de recherche Santé-Québec (FRQS).
Dr. Jean-Francois Cloutier, who received a salary award from the Fonds de recherche Santé-Québec (FRQS).
Patricia O’Connor, Director of Nursing and Chief Nursing Officer of the MUHC, who is the recipient of the 2014 Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL) Nursing Leadership Award.  Ms. O’Connor is the former Associate Director, Nursing, Neuroscience and a Neuro Lifetime Achievement Awardee.
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Dr. Edward Fon whose research into Prion Like Propagation of alpha-Synuclein Pathology is amongst the four projects funded by The National Parkinson Foundation.
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Jacques Bougie, Chair of The Neuro Advisory Board and Co-Chair of the Thinking Ahead Campaign (2007-2012), who was recently named Chairman of the Board of Directors of Atrium Innovations Inc.
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