Patient Care News

August 2014

The Neuro will continue to provide outstanding medical care to our patients at our current location on University Street, after the Royal Victoria Hospital moves to the Glen site in April 2015. For patients and families, please be assured that your clinical care teams will still be here for you.

If you have been to The Neuro recently you may have seen that renovations started in July for the consolidated and expanded 3rd floor family and visitors room (346), which was designed in partnership with the Patients (Users) Committee. We expect this work to be completed by the end of August. Further renovations will take place in the coming months to enable The Neuro to integrate some support services that are currently provided by the Royal Victoria Hospital. We aim to minimise the disruption to patient care during these essential improvements.

In addition to all the preparations for the spring of 2015, The Neuro is also looking further into the future and planning for when it will be re-located to the Glen site.  This work is to fulfil the April 2012 Task Force (The Neuro, McGill and MUHC) decision to maintain a single location for The Neuro –the combined Institute and Hospital, with the preferred option that it move to the Glen site to be adjacent to the new MUHC hospital. Work groups are preparing functional plans for the clinical and research activities which will define the new Neuro.  It is still too early to give an exact date, but we anticipate moving in late 2019.

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