The Power of Deep Brain Stimulation

For the past 15 years, Blair Ford, MDCM’85, has studied the application of deep brain stimulation (DBS) in patients with Parkinson’s disease. Due to tremor, stiffness or slowness, Blair Ford’s patients often have difficulty performing even the simplest tasks, such as picking up a cup of water or writing legibly on a piece of paper. But relief can come with the flip of a switch for some Parkinson’s sufferers. By electrically stimulating selected deep brain structures through implanted electrodes, symptoms of tremor, rigidity, stiffness, slowed movement and walking impairment can be dramatically relieved. Read More

Tropical Medicine: Alive and Well in Quebec

“Tropical medicine is often associated with parasitic diseases in countries with humid climates and sweltering temperatures,” says Michael Libman, MDCM’85, director of McGill’s Division of Infectious Diseases. “But that’s too simplistic to say. What we explore is […] Read More

Serving More Patients Better at the JGH

After more than 75 years of success, the Jewish General Hospital (JGH) faces a new set of challenges: a growing elderly population, a “baby boom” in the surrounding neighbourhood, an increasing volume of annual visits to the emergency room, and rapid changes in health care and health care technologies. Read more

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