Building the Future: New MUHC-Glen Campus

“I can’t wait to see the extraordinary promise unleashed by these new facilities on our quest to become a centre of excellence in personalized medicine,” says Dean Richard I. Levin. “It offers so much in terms of how we can improve the care we give our patients, the learning experience we can offer our students and residents, and the vital research work we will be able to do here to take on and defeat the world’s most serious diseases.” Read more

A Growing Family in Gatineau

There is a palpable passion for family medicine at UMF-Gatineau. Since 1988, when the Unité de Médecine Familiale (Family Medicine Unit) was founded in affiliation with McGill, local doctors and educators have focused on one critical goal: to create more general practitioners. Read more

Med Students Take Regional Initiative

“ There are only five practising Aboriginal physicians in Quebec,” says Lauren Hamlin-Douglas, BSc’06, MSc’08. “And while 20 per cent of Canadians live in rural areas, only 10 per cent of doctors practise in those regions.” It was to address these stark realities that McGill’s student-run Regional Initiative was born. The program, which Lauren Hamlin-Douglas […]

Leading the Way in Community Health

Dave Williams It all began with a group of McGill medical students looking for a way to further connect their education to the Montreal health community. They understood that as physicians they would have an essential responsibility not only to their patients, but also to the communities in which they lived. The student initiative has […]

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