By Philip Fine                                                                               

Alex McComber, MEd’96, is bringing his expertise as an Indigenous health promotion scholar and community activist to a new graduate course he’ll be co-teaching in the Department of Family Medicine. He’s been hired as an assistant professor for a five-year period, with the course playing a key role in the part-time appointment.

New recruit McComber will help teach a new course called Indigenous Perspectives: Approaches to Health. (Courtesy of Alex McComber) 

McComber has spent 24 years in diabetes prevention and health promotion for children in Kahnawake, a Mohawk community outside of Montreal.

The McGill course, Indigenous Perspectives: Approaches to Health, will, among other things, look at Indigenous knowledge and the value of community input.

The 62-year-old sees teaching at McGill as a natural progression for his career, which also included nine years as Principal of the Kahnawake Survival School. A Mohawk, McComber says a positive shift is taking place at McGill in light of some recent hires of several Indigenous faculty, including Dr. Treena Wasontiio Delormier, BSc(NutrSc)’93, MSc’96 (School of Human Nutrition), Dr. Cindy Blackstock, Professor (School of Social Work) and Dr. Allan Downey (Department of History).

“Our Indigenous Health Professions Program (IHPP) team is thrilled to welcome Alex McComber,” says IHPP Program Manager, Jessica

Barudin, MSc(PT)’15. “Alex brings incredible energy, enthusiasm and  traditional wisdom to the projects and team dynamics. We have had the opportunity to work with him on our upcoming Eagle Spirit Science Camp; his insight of community based health, education and two-eyed seeing has been a critical piece of our program planning. I am certain Alex’s good and kind ways will inspire many learners and create ripple effects within the Faculty of Medicine and beyond.” (Philip Fine)

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