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By Philip Fine

When it comes to explaining an upcoming surgery to a patient, David Fleiszer, BSc’69, MDCM’73, MSc’79, typically takes out pencil and paper and starts sketching. The oncology surgeon knows visual aids make it easier to understand a procedure. This habit inspired a website he and Nancy Posel, BA’72, MEd’95, PhD’11, launched in 2014. The MUHC Patient Education Office site describes more than 400 medical procedures and situations, from what to expect after chemotherapy to school protocols for children with diabetes. For this project, Fleiszer and Posel brought together interprofessional teams with healthcare educators and artists. The result? A collection of colourfully illustrated modules written in accessible language. “We strongly believe this doesn’t replace conversation with a health professional, but it enriches dialogue,” says Fleiszer, Associate Professor of Surgery at McGill. Fleiszer says most patients are sent home shortly after surgery, which leaves little time to learn how to manage a leaking tube or tend to a wound. Now they have the site as a resource. Available in French as well as English, the site, www.muhcpatienteducation.ca receives visits from patients, families and clinicians around the world. (Philip Fine)

Courtesy of McGill University Health Center


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