Sculptor, doctor, entrepreneur


by Philip Fine

He runs plastic surgery clinics in five U.S. cities. His patented procedure has been performed 10,000-plus times. Medical entrepreneur Aaron Rollins, MDCM’01, initially wanted to pursue sculpture, but a desire to improve lives led him instead to McGill Medicine, where, during a plastic surgery rotation, he was struck by the gratitude of a man whose face he was able to help rebuild. But medical residency, when he got there, wore him down. A 180-degree turn took him to Wall Street for three years. When that lost its shine, he looked back on his life for a time when he had been truly inspired, and remembered plastic surgery. Returning to medicine with a newfound business acumen, he recognized an opportunity. Standard liposuction was painful and its tools, the equivalent of sculpting with chisel and chainsaw. In 2012, he developed Airsculpt, removing fat without needles or stitches. It’s won numerous endorsements and has managed to combine Aaron’s artistic talents with his medical training.

A self-confessed foodie, Rollins has developed a roster of favourite restaurants in all the cities where he operates clinics. We asked him to share some of his top picks with us.

Chicago—Popular Michelin three-star restaurant Alinea offers a modernist cuisine. Rollins loves the fact that they’ll serve up to 20 small courses. He compares the food to Montreal’s Toqué!

Los Angeles—Rollins says there is nothing L.A. about chi SPACCA , a restaurant that experiments with Italian charcuterie—it’s just a great place for wood-grilled meat. He recommends the Tomahawk pork chop with fennel pollen.

New York City—Created by Ralph Lauren, The Polo Bar is inspired by the designer’s lifestyle brand. You’ll find burnished leather on the seats, equestrian art on the walls, and traditional American cuisine on your plate. A good place to celebrity spot.

Houston—A fourth-generation family-run establishment that dates back to 1897, Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen is part of a chain that keeps that fun mom-and-pop feeling. Rollins says it’s the best Cajun food around. He loves their soft-shell crab with dirty rice.

San Francisco—Proudly serving sustainable shellfish, Hog Island Oyster Co. is one of Rollins’ favourites for the fact that diners sit at communal picnic tables and look onto Tomales Bay where the oysters are harvested.

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