Look Who Came Back for Homecoming 2011

November 2011

Homecoming 2011 marked a banner year for the Faculty of Medicine with over 400 alumni attending events on and around campus. It also marked McGill’s 190th birthday.

Sam J. Daniel, MDCM’96, MSc’02, Interim Vice-Principal and Interim Dean of Medicine Samuel Benaroya, BSc’73, MDCM’75, Jean-Pierre Farmer, BSc’79, MDCM’83. Photo: Paul Fournier


From L-R: Marie-Pascale Leblond, Philippe Leblond and Sabrina Leblond-Murphy. Photo: Paul Fournier

CP Leblond Celebratory Symposium

At a very special celebratory symposium, Interim Vice-Principal (Health Affairs) and Interim Dean of Medicine Samuel Benaroya, former dean, Abraham Fuks, BSc’68, MDCM’70, and numerous others paid homage to the late Charles Philippe Leblond, DSc’82, in whose name the former M1 lecture theatre at the Strathcona Building was rededicated.  CP Leblond’s daughter, Marie-Pascale Leblond, son Philippe Leblond, and grand-daughter Sabrina Leblond-Murphy (now in McGill’s MDCM program) were also in attendance. “Leblond’s curiosity about the everyday world around him made him one of the world’s most accomplished and groundbreaking scientific investigators” – Samuel Benaroya.



From L-R: Richard Deckelbaum, BSc’63, MDCM’67, Phil Gold, BSc’57, MDCM’61, MSc’61, PhD’65, and Sam Daniel. Photo: Paul Fournier

Dean’s Cocktail Reception and Medicine Alumni Global Awards

The Dean’s Cocktail Reception was a vibrant occasion where friends and faculty caught up with each other in a relaxed atmosphere. Samuel Benaroya took a moment to touch upon several of the Faculty’s and University’s major accomplishments: “For McGill, this is a milestone year. We’re celebrating 190 years of history. For us at the Faculty of Medicine, which was McGill’s first faculty, it’s a particularly meaningful moment.” Benaroya also presented the 3rd annual Medicine Alumni Global (MAG) Awards to this year’s winners.




Class Reunions

Martin J. Poppo. Photo: Paul Fournier

Martin J. Poppo, MDCM’61, a rheumatologist living in Springfield, Massachusetts reminisces about his education at McGill and what he appreciates about being a doctor: “The education [at McGill] taught me how to communicate and examine patients. It’s the friendships that I have today with my patients that keep me practising.”





Airlie Cameron-Lennon. Photo: Paul Fournier

Airlie Cameron-Lennon, MDCM’61, an internist in cardiology living in New York, was one of 12 women in a class of 110 students. Before setting out on her career path, Cameron-Lennon was told that by going into medical school, she was robbing a man of the opportunity, but that didn’t deter her. “I love science. I like to talk to people, figure out what’s wrong, uncover the right diagnosis. And I was as good or better than many!”





Suzanne Levitz. Photo: Paul Fournier

Suzanne Levitz, BSc’82, MDCM’86, a family doctor working out of Mount Sinai Hospital in Montreal gives the following advice to the next generation of McGill doctors: “Have confidence in yourself, you’re worth it. You can do it!”






From L-R: Heather Silverman, BSc’81, MDCM’86, Bonnie Leboff-Maltz, MDCM’86, Mike Gales (guest), Susan Wisebord, BA’81, MDCM’86, and Lise Couturier, MDCM’86 . Photo: Paul Fournier

Medical Seminar

At the Medical Seminar organized by the Class of 1986 on Saturday, October 15, over 80 alumni attended to hear talks on topics ranging from radiotherapy for early stage lung cancer to novel approaches and innovative pharmacotherapy for erectile dysfunction.







Maureen Mayhew. Photo: Paul Fournier

Maureen Mayhew, BSc’82, MDCM’86, gave a talk on maternal and child health in Afghanistan and emphasized the inspiring progress being made. “There have been positive things happening in Afghanistan, it’s just that you never hear about them.”







Reza Mehran. Photo: Paul Fournier

Reza Mehran, MDCM’86, MSc’90, gave a talk on wartime medicine from his perspective as a soldier and surgeon in the former Yugoslavia. He quoted former Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson, “‘It has too often been too easy for rulers and governments to incite man to war.’”






Gregory Videtic, BSc’81, MDCM’86. Photo: Paul Fournier

Gregory Videtic, BSc’81, MDCM’86, gave a talk on how innovative and promising stereotactic body radiotherapy can be for early stage lung cancer. “One of the most gratifying experiences of my life is talking about the patients I look after.”

[Ryan-Catherine Breithaupt]

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2 Responses to “Look Who Came Back for Homecoming 2011”
  1. Al Scarth says:

    The members of Medicine ’51 who celebrated their 60th anniversary seem to have flown under the radar. No mention in the literature. No recognition at any event. No picture in the focus. I’m not sure there will be another opportunity.

  2. Laurence Miall says:

    It is most certainly unfortunate to not have the Class of ’51 recognized here, I agree. We took lots of photos, though, and still more will be published, in particular in the print edition of Focus coming out Spring 2012. I will let you know when we publish some online over the next couple of months; I have a feeling they will be very much appreciated. best,
    Laurence (editor)