TB control: five key reasons to engage the private sector

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Photo: The Gates Foundation/flickr

Photo: The Gates Foundation/flickr

With World TB Day 2014 approaching, Dr. Madhukar Pai of the McGill International TB Centre and his colleague Dr. Vijai Kumar Ratnavelu of the Yashoda Super Specialty Hospital in Secunderabad, India have collaborated to write an article appearing on TheHindu.com. In the piece, Drs. Pai and Ratnavelu delve into the problem of TB in India, which account for a quarter of the 8.6 million cases worldwide as well as one-third of the 3 million cases that go undiagnosed, suggesting that the private sector must be engaged in order to help combat tuberculosis.

Click here to read the full article on thehindu.com

March 20, 2014


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