August 2021

We have been through a lot over the past year and a half, facing challenges that have pushed us to adapt, be more mindful of our community and create supportive initiatives. From these lessons, we are moving forward here at Macdonald as we prepare the campus to welcome a new cohort of students eager to start the next chapter in their lives. Community will be more important than ever this year… [Read…] [Lire…]

August 2021

Alors que les derniers jours d’août s’écoulent, l’approche du nouveau trimestre universitaire m’enthousiasme. Au cours de l’année et demie écoulée, nous avons vécu beaucoup de choses, notamment des défis qui nous ont poussés à nous adapter, à être plus attentifs à notre communauté et à créer des initiatives de soutien. Forts de ces leçons, nous […]

From the Dean

Congratulations to the class of 2021! What a year it has been! In Sreedurga Cherukumalli’s (BEng’21 Bioresource) valedictory speech, she stated that “the same persistence that has gotten us through possibly the toughest year of university is the same persistence that will propel us forward” – and I couldn’t agree more. [Read…]

April 2021

Spring has sprung! It was a long winter for us all, but sunshine and warmer weather have finally arrived, providing us with a much-needed boost and optimism for the days and months ahead. This academic term continued to be governed by Covid-19 conditions…Through this academic year we all learned to adapt to new forums of discussion and new forms of engaging with our very resilient and committed students. We should be very proud that we have overcome so much and managed to come out on top despite the challenges and difficulties we have faced. [Read…] [Lire…]

April 2021

[Read in English…] Chers amis et amies, Le printemps est arrivé! L’hiver a été long pour tous et toutes, mais le soleil et le temps plus chaud nous insufflent la vigueur et l’optimisme indispensables pour les jours et les mois à venir. Toujours tributaire des conditions liées à la COVID-19, l’enseignement ce semestre a surtout […]

From the Dean

The fall semester is well underway and although we continue to face challenging circumstances and restrictions, every day I feel extremely proud of the hard work, resilience and flexibility of everyone in our community in delivering our academic programs and providing a safe environment for all. Life on campus is significantly different this year, and although it can be easy to dwell on some of the current hardships, it is more important than ever to try focusing on all that is still great at McGill and Macdonald! [Read more…] [Lire…]

May 2020

I have heard from so many of you over the past few weeks. Please accept my thanks on behalf of the entire Macdonald community for your continued support! As we plan for ongoing changes here at the University and the Faculty, I am constantly reminded how our community has come together over the past months to work through complicated problems always with a forward-thinking agenda. [Read more…]

April 2019

From awards to presentations to entrepreneurship achievements, faculty, students and alumni continue to shine and make Macdonald proud. Read more about what has been going on in the Faculty. […]

December 2018

Dean Geitmann (far right) with alumni Erin Hogg, DipAgr’94 and Marc Bieler, DipAgr’58, BA’64, and Macdonald friend Anne Myles

Another year has passed, and we have hosted a lot of exciting and successful events—from Founder’s Day early in the year, to Homecoming, the A. Jean de Grandpré Distinguished Speaker Series, the Scholastic Awards Reception and, of course, the annual Food for Thought Public Lecture Series that will be celebrating its 20th season in 2019. These events have brought staff, students, alumni and friends together for a shared experience at Macdonald. […]

December 2017

This year, Macdonald College celebrated 110 years since its founding. Even today, we are still fulfilling Sir William’s goal of “Mastery for Service”, touching the lives of communities all over the globe. It is a goal worth striving for. [Read more…]