From the Dean

Spring has sprung! It was a long winter for us all, but sunshine and warmer weather have finally arrived, providing us with a much-needed boost and optimism for the days and months ahead. This academic term continued to be governed by Covid-19 conditions…Through this academic year we all learned to adapt to new forums of discussion and new forms of engaging with our very resilient and committed students. We should be very proud that we have overcome so much and managed to come out on top despite the challenges and difficulties we have faced. [Read…] [Lire…]

A made-in-Quebec blueprint for food security

On March 31, McGill University celebrated its milestone 200-year anniversary, marking the day with an inaugural Conference entitled A Road Map for Greater Food Security and Autonomy. The bilingual virtual event – a first instalment in the Bicentennial Conference Series, Providing solutions to global challenges – brought together experts to discuss issues facing global food security. [Read…]

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