And this is how it all begins…

Each year, students in the Faculty are presented with a myriad of opportunities to learn, explore, and shine. From research to entrepreneurship, the students in the FAES make us proud of their achievements. […]

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5 minutes with Zoey Li, BSc (NutrSc’17), and YUMi Organics

YUMi Organics (originally YUMitrition) was founded by former School of Human Nutrition student Zoey Li and PhD candidate Mengyin Hong as a diabetes support program for the Montreal Community. With encouragement and financial support from the FAES and McGill, and a lot of perseverance and hard work on their parts, the idea took root and grew into the company it is today. We asked Zoey Li to share her experience. […]

Food for Life

Over 65 alumni from McGill and Macdonald attended the Food for Life event on Saturday March 30 to celebrate the innovative research and programming undertaken in the Faculty. […]

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McGill24 and more…

McGill24, McGill’s fourth annual day of giving held on Wednesday, March 13, raised nearly $2.3 million from 5,244 donors for causes across the University. Learn more about this and other McGill initiatives. […]

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Giving Back to Mac

Supporting your alma mater. Contributions made by alumni and friends provide critical funding that enables Macdonald to offer students an experience that surpasses their already high expectations for McGill. […]

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Message from the Dean

From awards to presentations to entrepreneurship achievements, faculty, students and alumni continue to shine and make Macdonald proud. Read more about what has been going on in the Faculty. […]

Growing Canada’s Bioeconomy

On Monday, February 11, Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada was at Macdonald to announce a federal investment of up to $7 million to the Biomass Cluster under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership. The cluster, led by BiofuelNet Canada and its Scientific Director and CEO Dr Don Smith (Department of Plant Science), will include an additional $3.1 million in contributions from industry, for a total investment of $10.1 million over 5 years. It has been estimated that Canada has nine million hectares of marginal lands suitable for biofuel crops such as switchgrass of coppiced poplar, which could generate up to $400 per hectare in additional revenues. This cluster will investigate the economic aspects of marginal land and determine actual costs of different energy crops and residues through field demonstrations. […]

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Founder’s Day: a celebration of all that is Mac

On Thursday, Feb. 7, the annual Founder’s Day Celebrations were held at Macdonald Campus. In typical Mac fashion, the two-hour event was decidedly low on pomp and understandably high on pride. “Family” and “service” were two words frequently uttered over the course of the event, with speakers referring to the Mac family and the importance of serving the community. Well-appointed alumni mingled with staff, faculty and students, some sporting John Deere hats and Macdonald Woodsmen jackets. […]

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