Preparing for Legalization

April 2018

The imminent legalization of cannabis in Canada has created a demand for highly skilled workers to meet the needs of this burgeoning new industry.  Corporations are setting up both horticultural facilities as well as extraction and formulation labs, and the predicted need for a highly qualified workforce is substantial (predictions currently run in the tens of thousands of jobs in Canada). Says Dean Anja Geitmann, “As a faculty of agriculture, we have the expertise to support training programs related to the growing and extraction aspects of the cannabis industry. Training at an institution such as ours will ensure that the workforce has the necessary qualifications to meet the needs of the medical cannabis industry.”

Initially, and in collaboration with the School of Continuing Studies, the Faculty is offering two professional workshops at the beginning of May.

“The workshops on the industrial production and quality control of medical cannabis are full, and we may rerun the workshops in the summer if demand continues to grow,” says Workshop Team Lead Suha Jabaji, professor in the Department of Plant Science. The workshops target professionals associated with the plant production and greenhouse industries or working in food science and medicinal chemistry who wish to begin work with medical cannabis.

“We have started to develop a post-Bachelor certificate to prepare science graduates for the medical cannabis industry and expect that, if everything goes as planned, we will offer the program in the Winter of 2019,” says Jabaji. The program will be built in partnership with the cannabis industry to ensure that the training is relevant.

Stay tuned for more information on the Faculty’s website.

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