Founder’s Day

April 2018

You would be hard-pressed to find a Macdonald alum who hasn’t attended the annual Founder’s Day gathering, which has been held every February for the better part of the last 100 years. This unique event has had an illustrious past – and serves as a bridge between Macdonald and the community at large. In recent years, we’ve been inspired by leaders on the world stage – including former Canadian Ambassador to the UN Stephen Lewis, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as well as former MSE student and Dalai Lama Fellow Alex Pritz, BSc(AgEnvSc)’13, and Macdonald entrepreneurs Nathon Kong, BSc(AgEnvSc)’07, of Tailor-to-Go, and Joanna Zanin Scandella, BSc(Agr)’82, Master Blender of the 2015 Whiskey of the Year, Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye.

Says Christine Ha, a third-year student in the School of Human Nutrition and the recipient of both a Gold Key and Scarlet Key, “Founder’s Day is an opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of staff and students, and to connect over shared experiences. The close connections and the strong network of support that forms between students, staff and faculty are what make the Mac campus unique.”

As Canada moves toward being the first G7 country to legalize cannabis, this year’s event focused on the Medical, Legal and Entrepreneurial Aspects of Cannabis. A-list panelists at “Smoke and Mirrors” included Macdonald graduate David Bernard-Perron, BSc(AgEnvSc)’12, MSc’15, VP Growing Operations at The Green Organic Dutchman; Jordi Perez, MD, PhD, FIPP, Director of the MUHC Cancer Pain Program; and Ivan Ross Vrána, Vice-President Public Affairs at Hill+Knowlton.

Says Ivan Ross Vrana, “I think that having this discussion in an academic setting, where much of the academic and research work will take place, will be very important for Canada in the coming years.”

Following the panel presentation, the community recognized exceptional Mac students and staff. Gold Keys, for leadership in student-led activities, were awarded to Brandon Bonan, Jade Corriveau, Pierce Dias Carlson, Valérie Ivanova, Mi Lin and Césarée Morier-Gxoyiy. The Macdonald Campus Award of Excellence for Administrative and Support Staff was awarded to the Campus Care Team (Alain Bertrand, Michel Bédard, Daniel Bleho, Jean Mazerolle, Jeanne Page, Thomas Forrester, Andrew Fraser and Maoxin Xu).

Read more about this year’s Founder’s Day ceremony and our award winners in the McGill Reporter. If you would like to see the “Smoke and Mirrors” presentations, please visit our Youtube channel.


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