Looking to the Future

January 2017

2016/2017 SEEF recipients will: develop and deliver educational modules in Macdonald Farm outreach projects; attend professional conferences to build links between the classroom and research taking place across the country; enter their own newly developed food product into the Developing Solutions for Development Countries competition at IFT ’17; attend a science communication training boot camp; develop workshops around the topic of insect consumption with the objective of finding sustainable solutions to the current resource intensive protein industry,  and participate in an overseas program to learn firsthand about business in the global economy.

Below are just a few of the projects that the SEEF fund is supporting in 2016/2017.

Groundnut Waste Team

The Groundnut Team will use groundnut processing by-products, rich in polyphenols and nutrients such as protein and fiber, to develop an innovative solution for a developing country that would decrease food waste in the industry while providing essential nutrients to those in need. Our group aims to develop a food product for the people in Malawi and tackle their micronutrient deficiency problems such as their lack of consumption of iron, vitamin A, folate; the product will take after a traditional Malawian dish.




Mac Bites plans to increase awareness about the unsustainability of our current protein industry with knowledge about a growing alternative market. They believe people should be starting to look more critically into a possible future of insect consumption and the role it may have for food security.




Anna Kusmer

Anna Kusmar will attend the Alan Alda Center Boot Camp (science communication training) located at Stony Brook University in Long Island, NY. This 5-day intensive workshop is intended for scientists who wish to improve their ability to communicate science to the public. The unique workshops provided by this center help scientists to think creatively about communication and engage with a range of people outside of scientific fields.




Learn more about the 2016/2017 SEEF projects, as well as those from previous years.

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