Healthy has never been so tempting

January 2017
The Pum'Crisp team: Sonia Périllat-Amédée, BSc(FSc)'17; Anne Frazer-McKee, BSc(FSc)'16; and Tamao Tsutsumi, BSc(FSc)'16

The Pum’Crisp team: Sonia Périllat-Amédée, BSc(FSc)’17; Anne Frazer-McKee, BSc(FSc)’16; and Tamao Tsutsumi, BSc(FSc)’16

We developed Pum’Crisps, an innovative, healthy snack from pulses and pomace, in our food product development course. The SEEF allowed us to purchase specialized ingredients and equipment to develop the product to its full potential before entering it in Pulse Canada’s Mission ImPULSEible competition held at CIFST Vancouver last spring.

Our product combines the deliciousness of apples and cranberries, the vibrancy of beets, and the healthiness of pulses to bring innovation to the snack market. Wholesome lentil and chickpea flours are mixed with pomace and pea protein for a dense snack. For a touch of indulgence, the crisps are covered in a scrumptious chocolate drizzle enriched with pea protein for a total pulse content of more than 65%.


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