Controlling blood sugars with YumiBOX

January 2017
Zi Wei Li, U3 (DHN) and Mengyin Hong, PhD candidate (DHN)

Zi Wei Li, U3 (DHN) and Mengyin Hong, PhD candidate (DHN)

We started a food blog (YUMiTRITION) to counter some of the wild and inaccurate nutrition claims that permeate the internet. In 2015, we received an award from the SEEF that enabled us to develop and deliver a series of communication workshops to students in the School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition. We brought in experts, such as food bloggers, to help students learn how to best share what they know, with the public (read more). Little did we know then that twelve months later we would launch YumiBOX, an e-commerce platform selling whole-grains and nifty recipes to dress them up, for individuals wishing to control blood sugar levels.

This project gave us the chance to experience beyond the classroom; we gained leadership, problem solving, decision making and organizational skills, and learned the use of social media and online marketing in science communication. We were able integrate our knowledge from class to real life.


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