The Mentorship Program

March 2016
| Anna Duff, Alumni Relations Officer, University Advancement (Macdonald Campus)

Food Science Round Table Event

We are fortunate at Macdonald to have alumni who are willing to share their expertise and personal stories with our students. Every winter term, we work hand-in-hand with student groups to invite alumni to participate in mentoring round table discussions touching on career choices, how to create opportunities for oneself, and what it means to make that transition from being a student to the workforce.

In early February, two mentoring events were hosted for students from the Department of Food Science and Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Alumni in the food industry, microbiology, dairy analysis, the veterinary profession and water resources were invited to share their stories in person and via Skype. Over 100 students participated to date; two more events are planned for the month of March: a Skype event with four dietitians working in policy who will speak to students in the School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition, and an event for students members of the Association des Futur(e)s Agronomes du Québec. Agronomists working in areas of plant, soil and animal sciences have been recruited to share with students the real-life experiences of working in these domains.

These opportunities are not only valuable to our students, who gain access to those working in the field, but also allows our alumni the opportunity to meet, mentor our students and link with the leaders of tomorrow.

If you would like to participate in one of our Mentoring Events, please contact Anna Duff at

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