McGill24: A Day for Change


McGill University and the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (FAES) will be taking part in a milestone event this spring. On March 16, 2016, the entire McGill community will come together like never before in celebration of McGill24, a one-day philanthropic challenge in support of the causes that matter to all of us. Each gift made to McGill during this 24-hour period will help drive change at the University.


Loloah Chamoun, part of the Falamus Instant Mix team that won the Developing Solutions for Developing Countries prize at the 2015 International Food Technologists conference.

On March 16, the international McGill community, including alumni, students, parents, friends, faculty and staff will unite in support of the causes that matter to all of us.

McGill24 will be a day of philanthropy aimed at galvanizing our global community to encourage higher levels of participation in annual giving. Aimed at the entire McGill community, with special attention being given to McGill’s millennial (1980-2000) alumni, McGill24 will be carried out primarily via digital means through an elaborate social media campaign, supported by real-time technology. We encourage you to like the Macdonald Campus of McGill University Facebook page if you have not already done so, to share your stories and participate in the day’s activities. Remember to include #McGillMacCampus in your posts so others can see your stories.

Matching Funds

At the FAES, our students are immersed in the applied sciences; their studies lead them to face challenges of immense complexity, from food safety and food security to the environment, public health and disease, biofuels and water resource management. It is the goal of the Faculty to ensure that they have every opportunity to engage in critical and innovative thinking through experiential learning taking them beyond the classroom. One of our campaign priorities is the Student Experience Enhancement Fund (SEEF) that provides students with the opportunities that expand and transform the university experience: learning that pushes the traditional boundaries and allows our students to think as global citizens. Funds raised during McGill24 in support of SEEF will create real change in the Faculty. To see other Faculty priorities, please visit our webpage.


You can now double your impact! We are thrilled to share that the Brown-Martlet Funding Committee has generously committed to provide a matching amount up to $250 for ANY gift on this special occasion. All gifts of all sizes are important because together, change is possible.

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