Internships through the Bieler Family Internship Office

March 2016

What does it take to educate a generation of students to become thinkers, problem solvers and leaders?  How can we help create a successful transition from the classroom to the world? Combine life and learning in higher education?  Help students gain real-life experience and build skillsets?

It takes a team effort – not only in our classrooms and laboratories but through the value-added programming we offer. The FAES offers a variety of activities that help our students gain and polish skillsets to be as prepared as they can be for their future careers.  Here is a peek at some of our students who are benefiting from these offerings.

Camille_intership video

| Camille Fong, Bioresource Engineering

Camille Fong’s internship brought her to the village of Nani Borwai in Gujarat province in southern India, where she lived last summer. From this vantage point, Camille was able to experience first-hand the challenges of the villagers – everything ranging from health and work to education and technology, environment and farming, energy and infrastructure and basic facilities. She was charged by Ammachi Labs, to develop a sanitation model for the village – a model that would not only provide much-needed toilets but give village women plumbing and masonry skills that they could use to generate income. “I quickly understood that the technical and engineering aspects of the toilet-building project represented 20% of the project, while 80% was related to social behaviour and learning.”

“Through the internship, I was able to improve my communication and leadership skills as well as my system-based thinking. I also learned to be adaptable and flexible. Additionally, I have learned to appreciate the complexity of working in a developing country. This has helped shape my future career as I now have a better understanding of working in a large NGO with the aim of helping people become self-reliant.“

Since its inception in 2009 through a generous gift from alumni Marc and Marie Bieler, the Bieler Family Internship Office has provided the resources for the Faculty to send more than 200 students out its doors to gain valuable hands-on experience and skills-based training, in high-demand by employers.

Watch Camille’s video on her internship experience.

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