Taking Learning Outside the Classroom

December 2014

The Student Experience Enhancement Fund


In keeping with McGill’s commitment to ensure “that every McGill student has an opportunity to participate in an out-of-the-classroom learning activity like an internship, academic exchange program, industry co-op or research project,” the FAES has launched the Student Experience Enhancement Fund (SEEF).

The SEEF is designed to provide funding for experiential learning initiatives, which go above and beyond the traditional classroom experience. These experiences may include, but are not limited to, participation in conferences, seminars, workshops, internships and development projects. The Faculty will launch the program with a contribution of $10,000. Further injection of Faculty funds will depend on the success of the program and the growth of the philanthropic contributions.

The first recipients of SEEF funding are Mathieu Rouleau, FMT’13, BSc(AgEnvSc)’16, and Peter Tikasz, BSc(AgEnvSc)’13, MSc‘15, who will participate in the 2015 “Hot Cities of the World” tour. Now in its seventh year, the tour, organized by Professor Karl Moore of the Desautels Faculty of Management, is designed to give participants from across the University a first-hand look at budding economies, unparalled access to international business leaders, and an intimate knowledge of how business is conducted in various parts of the world.

“Being students in Agricultural Economics and Natural Resources from the Macdonald Campus, we will play a vital role in the future of our society. […] One main concern in today’s economy is how to maximize profit in the global market, while reducing the ecological footprint and maintaining a competitive edge. Macdonald provides us with an excellent education about water, farming, resources, nutrition and food, which are essential to the development of tools that can make a positive impact in our world. The tour will allow us to better understand key global economic factors that will influence us as decision makers of the future,” wrote Mathieu and Peter in their application for funding.

“By travelling in emerging and developing countries, this trip allows [us] to face current issues and think about the upcoming challenges [we] will face in the next 5, 10 and 20 years. Each year, part of the travel focuses on the human impact on its environment. Last year mining was covered and this year the use of natural resources in tea production will be covered while travelling across various cities, including Jakarta, Bali and Hong Kong. The trip also allows [us] to help out in various not-for-profit organizations and to realize the importance of a small gesture on someone else’s life, especially the ones in need. It also promotes the importance of communications and teamwork, especially today where everyone is one click away.”


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