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McGillRemembersAll of this effort in education for the improvement of rural conditions is something more than crops and cattle and produce and profits. It is part of a mission to qualify the people to live for and by high ideals. We are not of yesterday nor of the last 1000 years only. Let us sometimes think back of the struggle and privation, of the courage and fear, of the anguish and the triumphs, of the faith, hope and love, of those who come to “Mastery for Service”, and who by mastery, careless of personal ease, have brought the otherwise impossible to pass. It is for us to pass on the quality of life and its opportunities, not only unimpaired but improved, strengthened and enriched by our tenure as trustees shall be ready for their field, their harvest and their seed.  Author unknown, Macdonald College Magazine, Vol. 22, No 1 – 1931.

History buffs and genealogists around the world with a particular interest in Macdonald College will soon have online access to some of our cherished historical records.

Thanks to the efforts of Natalie Waters, Head Librarian, Macdonald Campus Library and Learning Centre, a suite of Macdonald College publications will be digitized this summer. Says Waters, “Up until now the publications in the collection have been spread between the University’s two campuses, with the primary collection residing at Macdonald. The impetus for the project is based on regular requests for access to our historical records, including scholarly works, extracurricular pursuits, outreach activities and genealogical information.”

Materials slated for digitization include the Macdonald College Magazine (1910-1932), the Macdonald College Annual (1932-1936), Failt-Ye Times (1935-1962), the Dram (1968-1972) and the Harvest (1973-1990). These records provide a unique perspective on the challenges facing many generations of Macdonald students – including wartime stories from the front lines and the early history of the School of Agriculture, the School of Household Science and the School for Teachers (currently the University’s Faculty of Education).

The Macdonald College Journal (1940-1968), the long-time voice of Macdonald in the alumni and agricultural community, will also be digitized.

On a related project, and in preparation for the University’s commemoration of the 100th anniversary of World War I, the two Macdonald Books of Remembrance (1914-1918 and 1939-1945), currently housed in the rare book section of the University Archives, will be available by the end of the summer on the McGill Remembers site, Together, the books contain the names of over 800 members of the Macdonald community who served in the two World Wars.

As we wait for this new material to come online, perhaps we can take a rainy afternoon or two to browse through an online Clan Macdonald (1933-1960) on or reread Snell’s History of Macdonald College or Neilson’s Macdonald College of McGill University 1907-1988, A Profile of a Campus, copies of which are available at the Macdonald Bookstore).

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