A Message from the Faculty Advisory Board Chair

December 2013

ByronBeelerIt is an exciting time to be associated with this faculty. Well trained minds are required to meet the challenge of finding ways to feed the world’s nine billion people by the year 2050. There is also a need to ensure that we leave the planet in better shape than what we inherited.  Much of the science being taught today was not known at my time at Macdonald, however, today’s students are fortunate to have professors who have the same commitment to research and teaching excellence as those in past years. Macdonald now has close to 1375 undergraduate and 570 post-graduate students, making it one of the largest in Canada.  It is also one of the best.

Every McGill faculty has an advisory board. Macdonald’s is made up of seven men and women from industry whose role is to support Dean Madramootoo in promoting the mission, strategic plan and priorities of the faculty. While I am honoured to Chair this strategic Board, each and every member of our alumni has an important role to play in supporting the programs in agriculture, food safety, nutrition and environmental sciences.

Macdonald alumni gave tremendous financial support to the recent McGill campaign. We must not stop there. Existing buildings require upgrading and a new facility, the Macdonald Campus Student Life and Learning Centre is under consideration.  This building is both badly needed and slated to become the heart of the campus community. To become a reality, it will require our on-going support. On behalf of the Board I thank you for your continued commitment to our alma mater that means so much to so many.

Byron Beeler, BScAgr’58
FAB Chair

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