Responsible water management reaps rewards

December 2012

Sadman Islam (at left), Allison Busgang and Blake Bissonnette accepting their award

Three undergraduate students from the Department of Bioresource Engineering set out to take concrete action in response to the omnipresent debate on saving drinking water and with the aim of promoting the responsible management of this resource, explored the potential of recuperating rainwater. Sadman Islam (at left), supported by Blake Bissonnette and Allison Busgang, developed, from start to finish, a complete irrigation system capable of recuperating rainwater on the roof of the horticultural services building on campus, redirecting it to a 2,500-gallon drum, filtering it, storing it and then supplying two greenhouses. Little did they know that their small endeavor located at the back of the Mac Market would take them to the provincial stages of Forces Avenir. The Forces Avenir awards program recognizes university students who, through their dynamism, initiative and commitment to their community contribute to the advancement of society.  After three rounds of selection, carried out at the provincial level, the winner was chosen. The “Design and Construction of a Demonstration Rainwater Harvesting System” fell one place short of the podium and was awarded second place at the Finalists Gala. Nonetheless, this is a great achievement not only for Bioresource Engineering but for the Macdonald campus in general. The students hope and encourage future Bioresource Engineers and other Macdonald campus departments to take place in this prestigious competition and someday bring the trophy home.

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