Funding, Jobs and Other Announcements:


Jobs and Other Opportunities:

  • Post-doc opportunity at Harvard’s Division of Genetics and Genomics: Postdoctoral Position at Boston Children’s Hospital.
  • MITACS – Elevate2 years fixed at $60,000/year with $30,000 from the partner and $30,000 from Mitacs
    – Postdocs must be named
    – Open to research collaborations with companies and eligible non-profits in Canada
    – Deadline for Mitacs submission of complete applications with all signatures: February 10, 2021.
    – If applying, make sure to send Noha Gerges ( all application documents by January 20th at the latest.
  • Postdoctoral Position in Genomics of Skin Cancer: The Shain lab is seeking to fill an open position for a postdoctoral scholar.
  • Canadian COVID Genomic Network (CanCOGeN) will lead a nation-wide Host Genome Sequencing Initiative within this framework to sequence genomes of 10,000 Canadians to help understand the genomic architecture of the host response to SARSCov-2. 
    – The Genetic Epidemiology Committee of the CGen HostSeq project ( is now looking to build a team of talented data scientists to work together to identify genetic variation that contributes to SARS-Cov-2 infection, susceptibility, and COVID-19 disease severity.
  • Graduate Internship Program 2020/21.

-Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies is expanding the Graduate Internship Program (normally known as the Doctoral Internship Program) to allow for in-course internship opportunities for both doctoral and Master’s students in an effort to increase opportunities for professional development under the current circumstances.

-The research impact evaluation project is part of a broader organizational initiative aimed at evaluating the impact of Heart & Stroke’s research investments.

-With guidance from the project lead and the Director, Planning, Evaluation & Impact, the research assistant will assist with mapping the “path to impact” for 2-3 areas of progress in heart and brain health and gather evidence on H&S’s role in the path.

-A fully funded “contingent particulier” position is available in the McGill Medical Genetics residency program.

-A limited number of promising early-career researchers are given the opportunity to conduct research in Japanese universities and in designated research institutions and laboratories.

– BeMo has an immediate need for a top caliber PhD (preferred if PhD in life sciences) as an academic consultant.

-The Cole Foundation is offering fellowships to Clinical Fellows (holders of a medical degree), Post-Doctoral and Doctoral students to promote research in pre-leukemia, leukemia, lymphoma and other leukemia related diseases in children and young adults as well as the development of clinical care for patients affected by these diseases.

Awards – Call for Nominations:

  • Graduate Mobility Awards 2020-2021: The 2020-21 Graduate Mobility Award applications are now open under special conditions in an effort to increase opportunities for research collaboration for students under the current circumstances. Deadline: July 15, 2021
  • Call for nominations — GPS Awards: The Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies is calling for nominations for awards for administrative and support staff as well as for faculty members. Deadline: January 15, 2021
  • Student and Faculty Awards for Teaching Innovation: As part of an ongoing Proud to Teach campaign in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, the office of the Vice-Dean Education has launched two new teaching awards: one for faculty members and one for students.



Funding Opportunities:

  • Quebec-China international differential fee exemptions: Available to Masters and PhD students from China to pursue their studies and research at McGill. Recipients are awarded a country exemption from the Quebec government, which reduces their tuition fees to the Quebec rate. Deadline: January 15, 2021.
  • McGill-Glasgow Collaboration Award 2020-21: Is now open in an effort to increase opportunities for research collaboration under the current circumstances. Deadline: January 15, 2021.

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