HGEN 696 – Advanced Readings in Neuro-Genetics


This course will focus on the genetics of neurological disorders, highlight novel genetic methods and findings, and will provide the students with tools to design their own studies and critically assess the genetic literature.

For more information: HGEN696 FALL 2018 – Syllabus


SCS French Credit Courses for Graduate Students

The School of Continuing Studies offers French credit courses as part of the French for Professional Communication Part-Time Program. This program is especially designed for people who need French for their work and who hope to use French as an important tool or catalyst for their careers.

All Graduate students that are new to the program, and wish to register for the Fall 2018 semester must take an Entrance Placement Test prior to registering for a particular course.  Next Entrance Placement Test: August 9, 2018


RNA-Seq Workshop by C3G

This is the first module of the Montreal Genomics Analysis Workshop Series,  It is a 2 day workshop with no prior knowledge expected. It will cover RNA-Seq workflow and analysis through GenPipes

Date: August 21 and 22, 2018  688 Sherbrooke Street.  Register here.


Quebec Forum on Genetic Discrimination

Join the discussion!

The Genetic Discrimination Observatory (GDO) is a unique communication platform created to help prevent genetic discrimination. The GDO is currently holding an online public forum on genetic discrimination to enable residents of Quebec to share their opinion or questions on this subject. The Forum started July 4th and will last 4 to 6 weeks. The data collected will be used to assess the concerns, needs and opinions of Quebec residents.

 To access the Forum you will need to register by creating a username to share your opinion anonymously here: www.gdo.global

 Come join the discussion, your perspective matters!


MATH 697: Reading Course in Statistics

This new course covers much of the material in MATH 323-324; i.e. foundational statistical inference concepts. It is designed for graduate students who are interested in improving their statistics knowledge but who have not taken 323-324 or equivalent.

After taking this course, students should have the prerequisite material needed for graduate level regression or generalized linear models (i.e. MATH-523 Generalized Linear Models, etc).

Please email Alexander DeGuise (coordinator.qls@mcgill.ca) for permission to register.


EXSU 500: Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Open to ALL Graduate Students and Undergraduate Students

September 10th –  Nov 26th   every Monday 5pm-8pm, MGH Hospital


Experimental Surgery : Introduction to artificial intelligence (AI) applied to issues in medical diagnosis, therapy selection and learning from health data. Various AI methods, electronic medical records, and ethical/security concerns. Machine learning approaches including deep learning and reinforcement learning without delving too deeply into the technical details.

 More information HERE.


Save the Date!

3rd International Conference on Stem cells, Development and Cancer, Montreal, Canada, October 18-19th, 2018

Cancer progression, embryo development and tissue regeneration have in common a strong dependency on stem and progenitor cells. Which characteristics are shared, and which are unique to embryonic, cancer and adult stem cells remain open questions.  Are cancer stem cells derived from adult stem cells or differentiated cancer cells that have acquired stem cell properties? What determines the potency of embryonic and adult stem cells? These questions and many others await a better understanding of stem and progenitor cell properties within different biological contexts.

To address these challenges, the third conference “Stem Cells, Development and Cancer” will be held in Montreal, October 18-19th, 2018 and is aimed at bringing together world experts in the fields of embryonic, adult and cancer stem cells. The synergy created by the reunion of leaders at the crossroads of these research themes will highlight novel approaches to address the important challenges associated with stem cell biology and therapeutics.

Please find attached the meeting flyer highlighting our world-class speakers.

 More information here:


We are looking forward to welcoming you to Montreal in October!


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