Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA)


Tuesday, January 15 at Noon (ET), the CLSA is hosting a presentation from the 2018-19 CLSA Webinar Series. “Availability and quality assessment of genome-wide genetic data on 9,900 participants in the CLSA” will be presented by Vince Forgetta, MSc, PhD.  Register here.

McGill Graduate Management Consulting Association (GMCA) Case Competition

Interested in a career outside of academia? Perhaps the world of management consulting? McGill Graduate Management Consulting Association is hosting the Winter Case Competition on January 25th, 2019. The competition is open to all Master’s, Ph.D., post-doctoral fellows, and young alumni from all Canadian universities with any educational background. Particularly, we invite students with non-business backgrounds who are interested in exploring careers outside academia in business or management consulting. You can register individually, as a team (Max. 5 members, maximum one business student [MBA/undergraduate] per team), or an incomplete team. Individuals and incomplete teams will be matched to form teams of 4-5 before the case competition begins. There are lead-up workshops offered the week prior to the competition hosted by professionals from the consulting industry. If you cannot attend the competition you can still benefit from attending these workshops! Check out full event description and register on Eventbrite.

Call for Travel Awards

The Graduate Training Committee is now soliciting applications for Graduate Travel Awards. Travel awards are not just for research. They could be used for (as examples) learning about research techniques, visiting another lab to collect data with specific tools or expertise available in the host lab, or national or international workshops.

All applications for travel must be held between September 1, 2018 and August 31, 2019. This means you may have already attended the activity and are requesting reimbursement. If this is the case, proof of payment will be required as supporting documentation.

Should you wish to apply to the Annual Canadian and Human Statistical Genetics Meeting (CHSGM), you must submit an application under this Graduate Travel Award Request. The 8th Annual CHSGM will be held in conjunction with the Canadian GE3LS and Health Services and Policy Research Conference on June 16-19, 2019 at Fairmont le Château Montebello, Quebec. Registration will commence January 2019.

All approved requests for a Travel Award will require supervisor acknowledgment and support of your attendance.

The deadline to have an application submitted is January 20, 2019.

Excellence Awards 2018

Excellence awards are given annually, in recognition of extraordinary performance over the academic year. The award is a one-time scholarship payment. Both M.Sc. and Ph.D. students registered full-time through the Department of Human Genetics are eligible to apply. The applications submitted before the deadline will be evaluated by the Graduate Training Committee (GTC) and the results of the competition will be announced in February 2019.

This year, and in company of excellence awards, two independent subsections for acknowledgement have been identified by the GTC and may also to be applied for in parallel and through the same application form:

  • Best Publication Award
  • Department Activity Award

Excellence Award Nomination Forms should be submitted to Ross Mackay and must be received by January 13, 2019.

Science Exposed/La preuve par l’image

The Science Exposed contest welcomes researchers in the public or private sector to submit images in the context of their research either individually or as a group. While organized by NSERC (in collaboration with Acfas for the French segment “La preuve par l’image”), the contest is open to all fields of study.

The contest is open to student researchers at the Master’s or doctoral level, postdoctoral researchers, research professors, and researchers in a public or private research centre. They are invited to submit a single image of their research.

Images can relate to any field of study: natural sciences and engineering, social sciences and humanities, or health sciences, with the exception of images from the arts, including visual arts, media arts, and research/creation. They must be submitted in English or French with a three-part description: a catchy title, a plain-language explanation of the research presented in the image, and a description of the techniques/technologies used to create the image.

NSERC and Acfas will work together to share the winning images with all Canadians.

For more details on the Science Exposed contest, please visit the NSERC website.

Course Offering – Mouse Development, Stem Cells and Cancer

Offered by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, this intensive lecture and laboratory course is designed for scientists interested in using mouse models to study mammalian development, stem cells and cancer. The lecture portion of the course, taught by leaders in the field, provides the conceptual basis for contemporary research in embryogenesis, organogenesis in development and disease, embryonic, adult and induced pluripotent stem cells and cancer biology. Takes place  June 5-24, 2019 at Cold Spring Harbor, NY.  Application deadline March 1, 2019. 

French Credit Courses – McGill School of Continuing Studies

French for Professional Communication Part-Time Program:  This program is especially designed for people who need French for their work and who hope to use French as an important tool or catalyst for their careers. All Graduate students that are new to the program, and wish to register for the Winter 2019 semester must take an Entrance Placement Test prior to registering for a particular course. Please click the following link to reserve your spot at the next Entrance Placement Test on November 15th: (Other dates will be available soon on our page but we encourage you to register ASAP since we have limited spots available: November 21st; December 4th & 11th; late registration: January 3rd) .  Returning students can now register directly on Minerva, or contact our department if you encounter any registration restrictions.

Quebec Tuition Fee Rate  may apply when registering for any French credit courses.  See list of exclusions at

Please visit our website for more details about our Certificate Program

3rd Annual Graduate Student Recruitment Day – Goodman Cancer Research Centre

McGill’s Goodman Cancer Research Centre (GCRC) is hosting its third annual graduate recruitment event on January 24 and 25, 2019. This event provides prospective students with an opportunity to meet current students and faculty members and receive a one-year studentship to study at the GCRC.  Application deadline: November 12, 2018

More information can be found on our website.

Career Development and Professional Skills for Research Trainees

Presented by the Desjardins Centre for Advanced Training of the RI-MUHC (McGill trainees who are not part of the RI-MUHC are welcome to attend most events and activities).

Sessions include Peer Career Groups: for trainees who want to explore possible careers for health scientists and researchers, Preparing Winning Scholarships and Fellowships, and Developing Your Soft Skills For Today and Tomorrow in an Interconnected Society.

For more information and to register for sessions, click here


This fall, Graphos is offering 1-credit, pass/fail courses designed to help students develop clear and coherent manuscripts and oral presentations. Several courses are available and Doctoral students and many Master’s students can take the courses without extra fees, thanks to the University’s tuition sponsorship program.  To see the list of courses see here for more detail.


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