Could the Vote Compass help increase voter turnout?

Research by PhD student Valérie-Anne Mahéo shows that increasing access to information on political parties helps even out socioeconomic-based differences in people’s motivation to vote. [read more]

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Game changers

Using a computer-vision technology developed at McGill, Sportlogiq is ushering professional hockey into the 21st century. The Montreal startup tracks hockey players’ on-ice movement to generate detailed statistical analysis. Already, 10 NHL teams and two broadcasters have signed on to get access to the company’s valuable strategic data. [read more]

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Decisions, decisions…

What prompts us to order a burger and fries instead of a salad? What puts someone at a higher risk of developing a drug addiction or becoming physically violent? McGill researchers are studying neurobiological processes involved in human behaviour and decision-making to help answer those questions. [read more]

Manufacturing sustainability

profile-440wWhether it’s the microchip in your smartphone, or the medicine in your bathroom cabinet, chemistry probably plays a bigger role in your life than you may think. But all the trappings of modern life come at a cost: many of them are made using “dirty” processes and hazardous chemicals. Robin Rogers thinks there’s a safer, more sustainable way to have our computers (and meds, and plastics, and fuels and…) without endangering our world: green chemistry. [read more]

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3,000 brains to help us better understand mental illness

McGill is home to the oldest and largest brain bank in Canada. Recently, the Douglas-Bell Canada Brain Bank, housed at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute, underwent a major renovation and expansion, thanks to a $2-million gift from Bell Canada and an injection of $7-million from the Quebec government. With this important upgrade, researchers at the Douglas-Bell Canada Brain Bank are unlocking further mysteries of the human brain. They have already made important discoveries by examining the brains of people who suffered from severe depression and those who committed suicide. [watch video]

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