Could the Vote Compass help increase voter turnout?

Research by PhD student Valérie-Anne Mahéo shows that increasing access to information on political parties helps even out socioeconomic-based differences in people’s motivation to vote. [read more]

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Game changers

Using a computer-vision technology developed at McGill, Sportlogiq is ushering professional hockey into the 21st century. The Montreal startup tracks hockey players’ on-ice movement to generate detailed statistical analysis. Already, 10 NHL teams and two broadcasters have signed on to get access to the company’s valuable strategic data. [read more]

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Decisions, decisions…

What prompts us to order a burger and fries instead of a salad? What puts someone at a higher risk of developing a drug addiction or becoming physically violent? McGill researchers are studying neurobiological processes involved in human behaviour and decision-making to help answer those questions. [read more]

Manufacturing sustainability

profile-440wWhether it’s the microchip in your smartphone, or the medicine in your bathroom cabinet, chemistry probably plays a bigger role in your life than you may think. But all the trappings of modern life come at a cost: many of them are made using “dirty” processes and hazardous chemicals. Robin Rogers thinks there’s a safer, more sustainable way to have our computers (and meds, and plastics, and fuels and…) without endangering our world: green chemistry. [read more]

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Behind the headlines article

Veggies es bonus vobis, proinde vos postulo essum magis kohlrabi welsh onion daikon amaranth tatsoi tomatillo melon azuki bean garlic.

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