Spring 2016

Nicell small pic lrThis issue of the Dean’s Report highlights the importance our Faculty places on innovation and entrepreneurship. Equally important, it shows how partnering with alumni results in a better education for students.

Winter 2014

Nicell small pic lrThis is my first opportunity to speak to all graduates through the medium of the Dean’s Report, so I would like to share some thoughts about how I perceive my role—and more important, your role—during the next five years. Working together we can help to ensure success for our students and professors.

Winter 2014

Nicell large pic 2 lrThe Faculty of Engineering has a new dean, but one with a familiar face. Jim Nicell began his five-year term July 1, 2013, bringing with him a broad knowledge of our Faculty, McGill and the wider community. This Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics professor has been a pioneer from Day One of his 22-year academic career at McGill.

Fall 2012

Alumni support remains key in enabling our Faculty to adapt fundamental teaching and research principles to meet the evolving realities of life outside the classroom.

Spring 2012

The information in this eNewsletter about entrepreneurship at McGill Engineering is important in and of itself, but what makes it particularly noteworthy is that it was an alumnus who suggested that we develop this area of Faculty life more fully, and then proposed the path to do so.

Fall 2011

A change in leadership is underway at our Faculty.

Dean Christophe Pierre stepped down at the end of September to become Vice President for Academic Affairs at the University of Illinois.

Professor Andrew Kirk has been named interim dean.

Fall 2011

The article in this eNewsletter about a change in leadership at McGill Engineering alludes to our Faculty’s considerable strength and excellent competitive position.

Alumni support created many of the conditions that enabled this to happen.

Spring 2011

There is a common theme underlying several stories in this issue. The iRing research project, our rapidly expanding student services and the Ram Panda alumni profile all show that success is a lot easier to achieve when everyone pulls together.

Fall 2010

Alumni often ask if I’ve heard about a remarkable new program at university x, y or z, or perhaps inquire if we’re considering doing such-and-such to better prepare students for the job market. My answer to both questions is almost always “yes, but we lack funds right now to set the program in motion.”

Spring 2010

dean photo rt  small 6.5.10The last issue of the Dean’s Report highlighted important developments in undergraduate education at our Faculty. This issue shines the spotlight on other areas that are being transformed, including industrial research and doctoral student recruitment.