Graduate Studies at McGill Faculty of Engineering

Learn more about graduate studies at the McGill Faculty of Engineering. This short video presents the stories of three of graduate students and their supervisors: a doctoral student in nanotechnology, a master’s student in transportation planning, and a Master of Engineering alumnus who works in the aerospace industry.

Graduate Education


Summer Undergraduate Research at McGill Engineering (SURE)

Young minds at McGill Engineering can rub shoulders with some of the world’s leading thinkers through paid summer internships at McGill labs and research institutes. An innovative program called SURE gives Engineering Faculty undergrads an opportunity to learn the finer points of graduate work or eventual careers in research long before most students their age have the chance to do so.

S-U-R-E Program


Europe-Canada Research Internships for Faculty of Engineering Students

The Antje Graupe Pryor Foundation has joined forces with McGill’s Faculty of Engineering to provide paid summer internships in European research labs for Engineering undergrads who want to get a head start on graduate work or future research careers. Electrical and Computer Engineering Department student Tyler Manning-Dahan explains the impact that an internship in Germany had on his life.

Expanding Students’ Horizons


Undergraduates have a wealth of options at McGill Engineering

Discover unique programs and opportunities for internships and student activities for undergraduate students in an international environment. Hear from remarkable undergraduate students and faculty advisers.

Undergraduate Studies


Joint student-Faculty initiative to enhance extracurricular education

The Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS) is working with the Faculty of Engineering to significantly upgrade the space, equipment and furnishings used by the McGill Engineering Design Network (MEDN). The 2,450 sq. ft. area in the McConnell Building basement is already home to six design teams. Once renovated, it will serve nine other Engineering student clubs. The project cost is $270,000, including important upgrades for safety norms.

Our renovation plans will provide a brand new, multifunctional space for 15 separate undergraduate student groups. It will encourage the activities of hundreds of engineering students today and in the future.

We believe that students can learn as much through extracurricular activities as they do from formal classroom and laboratory settings. The knowledge, skills and confidence that we obtain working on design teams or as members of groups such as Engineers Without Borders will serve us throughout our lives.

Student Clubs


Prototype Wheel for Lunar Rover

Mechanical Engineering Researcher Peter Radziszewski and several of his students have developed a distinctive chainmail and particle-filled wheel ― the iRing ― for the Canadian Space Agency. The wheel, a prototype for a new lunar rover being built by the agency and the Ottawa-based Neptec Design Group, has undergone successful tests at the CSA’s Mars Emulation Terrain in St-Hubert, Quebec. Learn more at:

Extrait de l’émission Découverte sur les ondes de Radio-Canada (Français)

Discovery Channel Video (English)

McGill University Video (English)

Vidéo de Radio-Canada (Français)


Broadband Communications

Broadband communications is a major area of research at McGill Engineering. Electrical and Computer Engineering Department scientists such as David Plant, Tho Le-Ngoc and Mark Coates work on the cutting edge of machine to machine communication, high-speed internet technologies and wireless communications. Learn more at:

Cutting Edge Communications


Fibre Optic Research

How can 20th-century fibre optics handle the connectivity needs of the 21st-century? Professor David Plant’s laboratory in our Faculty’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is in a global race to meet the demands of high-definition video. Learn more at:

Connectivity Needs Exploding World-Wide