Major refit for Macdonald Engineering Building

The Macdonald Engineering Building recently underwent a $25-million facelift. The 19-month project was part of a $2-billion federal-provincial economic stimulus package that funded infrastructure improvements to support science and technology initiatives at post-secondary institutions.

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New weapon to tackle environmental catastrophes

Managing fallout from environmental disasters like the April 2010 Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon oil spill requires precise tools to predict how the oil will flow. Thanks to work done by Mechanical Engineering Professor George Haller and colleague Josefina Olascoaga, a geophysicist at the University of Miami, such tools now appear within reach.

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Innovation and entrepreneurship get major boost

McGill Engineering has long recognized the value of entrepreneurship in building a strong research program, but until recently funding and resource issues hindered Faculty efforts to help professors and students commercialize their research and encourage business start-ups.

Entrepreneurship takes on new meaning at the Faculty of Engineering

Social entrepreneurship also plays a major role at McGill’s Faculty of Engineering, as evidenced by School of Urban Planning Professor Ahmed El-Geneidy’s work in helping to shape government transport policy.

Alumni input can be a major catalyst for change

The information in this eNewsletter about entrepreneurship at McGill Engineering is important in and of itself, but what makes it particularly noteworthy is that it was an alumnus who suggested that we develop this area of Faculty life more fully, and then proposed the path to do so.

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