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Spring 2016
o-Boulet PhotoHR

Associate Dean (Research and Innovation) Benoît Boulet won an inaugural 2012-13 William & Rhea Seath Award with doctoral student Ahmad Haidar for their work on an external artificial pancreas for patients with type 1 diabetes; his research on electric drive trains (shown here) has also led to several patents. (Photo: Owen Egan)

Tentatively named McGill EngInE (the Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre), the proposed entrepreneurial hub would focus on technology based innovation at the Faculty of Engineering and serve as a resource centre for other technology driven entrepreneurial ventures across McGill.

The multifaceted facility would serve society and the entrepreneurial community for generations to come. The dedicated space it would provide would make it easier for students, professors, alumni and others to collaborate and learn from each other, and show the importance placed on transforming innovative ideas into new products and services.

Haply Haptics ads finalRenovated space has been earmarked for McGill EngInE on the ground floor of the Frank Dawson Adams Building. The location is considered prime real estate because it lies at the crossroads of all pedestrian traffic between the McGill Engineering Student Centre (MESC), our Faculty’s cross-cutting Institutes, other student service points and the McConnell Engineering and Macdonald-Harrington Buildings.

b-Entrepreneur_logoThe space would be particularly helpful in encouraging innovative ideas or projects that are not linked to a particular researcher or department. It would provide access to tools that support entrepreneurship (e.g., specialized software, 3D printing and machine tool shops) and space for meetings, workshops, small lectures and company visits related to entrepreneurship, hiring and general outreach.The locale would also provide a venue for displays that highlight entrepreneurial successes. By showcasing these success stories the Faculty would challenge others to shine creatively.

Among its uses, the space would:

  • Become a hub for professors and students who are seeking mentors and guidance related to innovation and entrepreneurship. Support would include meetings, workshops, small lectures, company visits and outreach, etc.;
  • Become a destination for companies to connect with the Faculty of Engineering, both for entrepreneurship activities and other linkages;
  • Provide offices to house the Director of EngInE, the Manager of ICE (Innovations Catalyst in Engineering) and an Entrepreneur-in-Residence;
  • Showcase—through displays, etc.—successes in entrepreneurship. By publicizing the work of William and Rhea Seath Award winners, TechAccel grant recipients and  successful alumni and spinoff companies, etc, the Faculty of Engineering would provide role models and would challenge others to shine creatively and make an impact in the world.

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