Trottier matching funds double his gift’s impact

Fall 2012

The matching funds included in Lorne Trottier’s exceptional $10-million gift to the Faculty of Engineering are an incentive to encourage new donors, or existing supporters who want to increase their giving, to establish named endowments that will generate income in perpetuity to strengthen our Faculty’s programs and services.

By taking advantage of matching funds, alumni and friends can double the impact of their contributions, thereby helping the ultimate beneficiaries—current and future generations of McGill engineering, architecture and urban planning students.

Any endowment that benefits from matching funds is named after the individual who establishes the endowment, not the donor who provided the matching funds.

In the case of the new sustainability institute, Trottier has set aside $1.25-million worth of matching funds to encourage other donors to pay for Faculty Scholar Awards, graduate fellowships, Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering (S•U•R•E) Awards and student design competitions.

If you would like more information about the Trottier Matching Funds program, please contact McGill Engineering Development Director Krish Dasgupta at 514-398-2016 or

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