Alumni gifts add depth to our Faculty’s programs

Fall 2012

Most people typically associate the word “growth” with volume or size, as evidenced by the article in this e-Newsletter about the growing size of the professoriate at our Faculty.

Growth can equally be interpreted to mean “depth”, however, and increased depth is one of the many positive results that flow to McGill Engineering through alumni donations.

Recent gifts in areas such as sustainability, innovation, entrepreneurship and teaching have significantly broadened McGill Engineering’s ability to provide students with enhanced skills to meet 21st-century challenges.

As educators we have to cope with an ever-changing landscape in deciding how best to prepare graduates for the evolving realities of life outside the classroom, and alumni support remains key in enabling our Faculty to adapt fundamental teaching and research principles to meet these new demands.

Remaining relevant

We are proud of the quality of our programs, and we continue to receive high marks from most of our students, but we know that that we must remain vigilant to maintain our competitive position alongside other top schools.

Our classrooms, our laboratory facilities, the types of advising and counselling we provide, and the nature of the contacts we maintain with industry and professional associations are all analyzed and critiqued through the prism of what happens elsewhere.

In an era of declining government support, alumni gifts—both big and small—are essential to ensure that our Faculty’s work remains relevant, that our programs are judged first-in-class and that our reputation is considered well above par.

Your past support has brought us to where we are; your future support will lead us to new heights.

Thank you for all that you do.




Andrew G. Kirk
Interim Dean

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