Building on the momentum generated in recent years

Fall 2011

The article in this eNewsletter about a change in leadership at McGill Engineering alludes to our Faculty’s considerable strength and excellent competitive position.

Reaching that level of distinction required determination and hard work over many generations. Former dean Christophe Pierre rightly deserves high marks for some of our more recent accomplishments, but he would be the first to credit ongoing alumni support for creating many of the conditions that enable our students and professors to shine.

As the person entrusted with guiding our Faculty until a permanent dean is named, I am relying on you to continue that long tradition of engagement and generosity.

Staying the course

My intention is to build on the momentum generated in recent years to solidify the gains made in teaching, research and student services. I refer here to:

  • aggressive international recruitment strategies for students and professors;
  • improved career counselling and professional development services to ensure that graduates are fully equipped for employment in the global economy;
  • expanded partnerships with industry and adequate resources to ensure that students and professors can use their knowledge and skills to the fullest.

My colleagues and I will continue to develop new, cutting-edge teaching and research initiatives, as well, and whole-heartedly endorse the many creative interdisciplinary projects underway at our Faculty.

The departure of our former dean has not slowed McGill Engineering’s remarkable growth and development. The search committee established to recommend a permanent dean is already hard at work and you will be kept abreast of its findings.

In the meantime I pledge to work with you, our students, our professors and our technical and support staff to keep our Faculty humming.




Andrew Kirk
Faculty of Engineering

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