Making History Campaign heads into final stretch

Spring 2011

There is a common theme underlying several stories in this issue. The iRing research project, our rapidly expanding student services and the Ram Panda alumni profile all show that success is a lot easier to achieve when everyone pulls together.

Our professors, students, staff and, yes, our alumni do not work in vacuums. Each group has a distinctive role and a particular set of responsibilities, but when they work as one there is no limit to what can be accomplished. Alumni are just as much a part of McGill Engineering as are current students and professors, and that is why we count on you to do your part to help the rest of the team succeed.

Your gifts provide the scholarships, the fellowships, the professional development programs and the upgraded space and equipment in our teaching laboratories that make the system work to its fullest.

A brighter future

Your generosity ensures that everything is in place to bring out the best in our students and professors. And when they do well, you benefit from the shared pride of having contributed to your Faculty’s achievements. McGill’s multi-year Making History Campaign is entering the final stretch. With 24 months to go, donations to McGill Engineering stand at $65-million.

Those dollars came from both annual giving and major gifts, and represent 92 per cent of our Faculty’s $71-million goal.

As I said above, nothing exists in a vacuum. The Making History Campaign is not an end in itself, but a tool to give literally thousands of current and future McGill Engineering students the means to learn all they need to know to advance in their profession and benefit the wider society that we serve.

If you have not contributed as yet, please think seriously about doing so, and, as always, thank you for your support.

Christophe Pierre
Faculty of Engineering

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