Professors share research expertise

Fall 2010

Fifty-four engineering and architecture professors participated in the Faculty of Engineering’s innovative Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering (S•U•R•E) program this year, providing 106 undergraduates a unique opportunity to expand their intellectual horizons while earning money to support their studies.

Annmarie Adams and Eve Lachapelle

Architecture student Eve Lachapelle (far right) worked alongside Annmarie Adams, William C. Macdonald Professor at the School of Architecture, to evaluate best practices in the design of long-term residential care facilities. Professor Adams is one of 25 interdisciplinary researchers from six countries sharing a $2.5-million grant to study ways that help ensure dignified treatment for residents and workers.

Adams and Lachapelle are interested in lessons to be learned from older medical facilities. They are seen here studying decades-old blueprints drawn by architects for a healthcare institution in Ottawa.

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