Dean’s Report goes digital

paper vs digital2 Mailing this newsletter costs our Faculty a considerable amount of money. Equally important is the need to adopt sustainable practices at all levels.

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Commercializing engineering: adapting to address industry needs

g-Cold Chain PhotoCommercializing engineering is about bringing innovative ideas to market that address industry needs. And those ideas are even better when they also protect the environment.

Improving the health of women potentially at risk of breast cancer

Popovic 2Detection of early stage breast tumors is critically important. Each of the current modalities, such as mammography, ultrasound and MRI, has downsides, often resulting in late tumor detection and, consequently, a lower success rate in post-surgical treatment.

A less invasive mitral valve repair system

h-Toufic heart photoMechanical Engineering PhD student Toufic Azar is a prime example of the robust entrepreneurial spirit at work in our Faculty.

Developing affordable high-quality headphones

l-Szokepek cropped- Demand for high quality, over-ear headphones is increasing exponentially. Sales figures indicate that the multi-billion-dollar over-ear consumer market accounts for 44% of the headphones sold worldwide.

Eliminating complications with fully porous hip implant

k-Pasini HR cropExisting hip replacement procedures often require follow-up surgery that can increase the risk of complications. The challenge for the medical community is that current hip implants are incapable of preventing long-term stress-related bone loss, which creates the difficulties with follow-up surgery.

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Encouraging entrepreneurial thinking at every level

a-Fusion cage photo-150409-123225-2931

Activities related to innovation and entrepreneurship are increasing exponentially at our Faculty, and much of the success is due to professors, students and alumni working more closely to bring innovative ideas to market.

The Faculty of Engineering goes to market

i-Come Lague Crop Photo  2- McGill EngInE, the Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre, would be the centrepiece of a concerted program at the Faculty of Engineering to enhance education, nurture innovative ideas and coordinate entrepreneurial efforts.

Resource centre for technology driven ventures

n-Haptics Haply 8Tentatively named the McGill EngInE (the McGill Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre), the proposed entrepreneurial hub would focus on technology based innovation at the Faculty of Engineering and serve as a resource centre for other technology driven entrepreneurial ventures across McGill.

Dean’s Message

Nicell small pic lrThis issue of the Dean’s Report highlights the importance our Faculty places on innovation and entrepreneurship. Equally important, it shows how partnering with alumni results in a better education for students.

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