Thumbs Up for Stroke Recovery Sensor Glove

Recovering from a stroke demands arduous rehabilitation work that can sometimes prove difficult to assess and adjust.

McGill Mechanical Engineering students have developed a sensor glove that could help stroke victims relearn lost hand movements at home while being monitored remotely by a physician.

Preparing for the Bioengineering Revolution

Bioengineering plays an increasingly vital role in everything from manufacturing and health care to agriculture and environmental remediation.

A new McGill Engineering program in bioengineering will prepare students for a multitude of career options in the field.

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Faster Than Any Other Speeding Bullet

A hypervelocity launcher is being used to help researchers understand the devastating effects that space debris can have on orbiting satellites and installations like the International Space Station.

A “speeding bullet” developed at McGill Engineering imitates the velocity of space debris more effectively than anything attempted so far.

Nanotechnology: Getting the Goods on Graphene

Nanoengineering research into graphene promises to open doors to new technologies that will prove as exciting as the development of lasers when they first appeared.

McGill Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Thomas Szkopek is exploring graphene’s vast potential.

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