A message from our Faculty’s Advisory Board Chair

Impact of Annual Giving 2015

papich photoThe Alma Mater Fund represents 2.8% of the total McGill Engineering budget ($34.7 million) and is the only source of discretionary funding. Your annual gift to the Fund matters—it matters because it directly impacts the quality of our students’ time at McGill. It matters because universities are not just about great academics; they’re about creating societal change, and about a sharing community of which you are a member.

As Chair of the Faculty Advisory Board, I am privileged to have a unique perspective on the needs of the Faculty. And I know that the Alma Mater Fund that you support is at work in so many truly constructive ways. But one of the places the fund is the most empowering to students is within the structure of the McGill Engineering Student Centre (MESC).

When I was a student, there was very little career guidance or organized academic advising provided by the Faculty. That was over 30 years ago. It was thanks to the vision of Ian Soutar (BEng’58) and Helgi Soutar (BEng‘58), who in 2006 laid the foundations of the MESC with a generous enabling gift, that thousands of students are now being prepared for the workplace and given a vision of how engineering can be a tool to help society. This report demonstrates how their seminal donations, augmented by your annual giving, has resulted in a unique structure that is actively supporting and enhancing the extracurricular experience of students.

In this annual report we want to show you more than just the figures. We want to show you how you are having an impact by sharing with you examples of brilliant scholarship, of community players and of change agents. We want you to hear from the students whose lives you are transforming through your contribution, so you can see firsthand what you have built and are continuing to build through your annual support.

Thank you!

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Fil Papich (BEng’83)
Managing Director
BMO Capital Markets

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