Tell us why you support the Faculty of Engineering

Impact of Annual Giving 2014

We are interested in learning your reasons for giving back to McGill, and we’d like to share your stories with all of our Faculty’s graduates. Please send us your thoughts c/o  The item that follows was submitted by Massachusetts alumna Dawna M. Feng, BEng (Civil) ’83.

“Financial support that I received as a student enabled me to graduate debt-free, and so provided freedom to be more daring in my career decisions and life choices.

My work with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation touches on all aspects of design, construction and maintenance of roads and bridges. It involves much more than engineering, though. It’s a combination of common sense, diplomacy, communication, presentation, organization, networking and social skills. Most of all, it takes confidence in one’s ability to do the job. This was made possible by the education and life experience that McGill’s Faculty of Engineering provided me 30 years ago.

I was inspired by what I saw when I returned to McGill last year, and I felt  I needed to give back to an institution that gave me so much; I needed to say thank you to my alma mater. And that is why I increased my most recent donation.”


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