A novel idea spurs young entrepreneurs

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STORI could revolutionize the way experiences are recorded and shared,says CEO and Co-Founder Dave Cameron,
pictured here beside an early prototype of the STORI app. (Photo: Owen Egan)

STORI is an 11-person software start-up that is developing an app described as the “first platform to share live-tracked experiences.”

A cross between Google Maps, a GPS path-tracker and a Facebook blog, the STORI app will enable users to share first-person, live-tracked accounts from sources as varied as journalists in war-torn Syria to friends’ summer holidays at the Grand Canyon or Monument Valley.

CEO and Co-Founder Dave Cameron says the app’s design and development started “more or less as a hobby”, but he and his team of McGill students are now deadly serious about bringing the novel concept to market.

STORI has assembled a multidisciplinary team of engineers, designers, financiers and marketers who hope to launch the app later this year.

Stori with little manOfficially, Cameron only becomes an alumnus at this Fall’s McGill Convocation ceremony, but he is already playing the role of entrepreneurial mentor to first- and second-year students with start-up ideas of their own.

“I’m trying to encourage them in the same way that McGill alumni encouraged me, by investing some of my time and energy in helping the next crop of students to realize their dreams.”

Down the road, this future architect, real estate developer and entrepreneur also sees himself hiring McGill students. “We have some of the brightest and best young people in the world here,” he says. “As a future employer, why wouldn’t I turn to my alma mater to recruit top-notch staff?”

When asked for closing thoughts, Cameron laughed and said, “Well, I am looking for a job; any takers?”

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