Passing the torch to the next generation of donors

Impact of Annual Giving – 2012

Prince Edward Island native Sir William Macdonald, the philanthropist who built the Macdonald Engineering Building in 1893.

The history of McGill Engineering is integrally linked to the history of Canada. From the birth of railroading and the opening of the West, to natural resource development, urban expansion and contemporary advances in bio- and nanoengineeing, our Faculty has played a leading role in training many of the men and women responsible for our nation’s industrial capacity and economic growth.

Environmental Engineer Dominic Bergeron, BEng’87, has been an annual donor for 25 years. (Photo: Owen Egan)

Up until the 1960’s university education was privately funded. Annual giving by wealthy benefactors such as Sir William Macdonald, Peter Redpath, J.H.R. Molson and G.H. Frothingham, to name just a few, provided the funds to hire the teachers and build the facilities that enabled McGill Engineering to prosper.

But while governments now pay the major portion of education costs, as was the case prior to the 1960’s, McGill Engineering relies more and more on annual donors to ensure that our students have all the resources they need to succeed.

Alumnus Dominic Bergeron, BEng’87, is one of this new breed of loyal donors who play a critical role in enabling McGill Engineering to educate tomorrow’s leaders. See the Donor Profile on Mr. Bergeron in the FEATURES section of this e-Bulletin.

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