Flexible funding to meet changing circumstances

Impact of Annual Giving – 2012

The greatest value of increased annual giving is its flexibility. Government grants, tuition revenue, endowments, research dollars and external faculty and student awards are tied to specific budget codes. By definition they leave no manoeuvring room, because money designated for one type of expense cannot be transferred to cover shortfalls in another.

Annual giving funds, by contrast, ensure development capital for the here and now. They enable our Faculty’s management team to allot money to top priorities in a way that tailors your financial support to meet changing needs. These donations open doors that create cutting-edge programs and services. They also provide scholarships and much needed upgrades for classrooms, laboratories, equipment and furnishings.

The net result has proven invaluable in reshaping our 141-year-old Faculty. Your dollars ensure that McGill Engineering remains competitive and that it maintains its rightful place at the forefront of engineering education.

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