Looking Back on “Stateless Law? The Future of the Discipline”

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of McGill’s unique BCL/LLB program, the Faculty of Law hosted a major international conference on legal education September 28 and 29, organized by the Paul-André Crépeau Centre for Private and Comparative Law.

Turbulent Skies Ahead

The Institute of Air & Space Law hosts a symposium on controversial new carbon emissions and trading rules for aviation that promise more turbulence for practitioners of air law and for Quebec’s nascent carbon market.

George Bermann and The ‘Arbitrability’ Trap

George Bermann
Professor George Bermann delivered the annual Brierley Memorial Lecture this September. His engaging lecture focused on the relationship between the courts and arbitral tribunals.

Faculty News Roundup

Autumn is a busy time around the Faculty, with dozens upon dozens of events, lectures and conferences held under the fall foliage. Here are a few recent highlights.

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Caroline Bérubé: Entre Guangzhou et Singapour

Caroline Bérubé Caroline Bérubé, BCL’99, LLB’99, une diplômée établie à Guangzhou depuis de nombreuses années et qui était de passage à la Faculté de droit pour offrir une activité de formation nous parle de son travail comme associée directrice du cabinet HJM Asia Law & Co.

Op-Ed: What law shouldn’t be saying about sex

Professor Robert Leckey writes an OpEd in the Montreal Gazette about the Supreme Court ruling on the legal status of sexual intercourse by someone who fails to disclose that he or she is HIV-positive.

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Soixante ans d’excellence : La Revue de droit de McGill s’éclate!

La Revue de droit de McGill fête ses 60 ans!

La médiation en action

Des étudiants de la Faculté de droit de McGill lancent un projet de médiation communautaire bénévole, le premier de ce genre au Québec, et viennent en aide à des jeunes adultes marginalisés qui veulent réintégrer le système scolaire.

Ends, Means and Agency

Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im Leading Islamic scholar Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na’im speaks on individual agency and international human rights as the Faculty’s 2012 John Peters Humphrey Lecture in Human Rights.

Swap Team

The Faculty’s first student exchange with mainland China is off to a flying start this semester, as we welcome two students from Fudan University Law School in Shanghai. And next year, McGill Law students might be heading to Fudan Law School on exchange themselves.

Remembering Alexandra Dodger

Classmates, friends, family and Faculty members gathered for a ceremony on the west lawn, inaugurating the Alexandra Dodger Memorial Award and unveiling a plaque in her honour.

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