McGill heads to the moots

[15 Mar] The Faculty’s moot teams began their competitions in February and have amassed some stellar results thus far, with more competitions to come through the end of March

Recap: Student-organized events

[15 Mar] In one of the busiest months of the year at the Faculty, students organized a slew of events, including a conference about the Quebec government’s Plan Nord, a colloquium on InSite, and a conference on wrongful convictions.

March events around the Faculty

[15 Mar] Our news round-up for the month of March at the Faculty takes a look at Research Week; a bilingual seminar about European Law; a recruitment visit to Kahnawake Mohawk Territory; and an event commemorating the generous legacy of Peter MacKell, BCL’51.

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Students and professors in the news

[15 Mar] In the news: Professor and Hydro Québec fellow Richard Janda on the Quebec government’s Plan Nord; Professor Robert Leckey on family law in Canada and 3L Gjergji Hasa on studying at McGill as an international student.

Recent Faculty publications

[15 Mar] Nouvelles publications: Le Centre Paul-André Crépeau en droit privé et comparé présente un ouvrage qui pose un regard renouvelé sur le droit civil, tandis que le professeur Payam Akhavan étudie des questions difficiles articulées autour de la nature du génocide.

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From the back room to the front lines

Mary Dawson [15 Mar] 2012 marks the 60th anniversary of the McGill Law Journal as well as the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Canadian Constitution. To reflect on these milestones, the Journal’s annual lecture in early March featured one of the final drafters of the Constitution Act, Mary Dawson, BCL’66.

Dear Lord Denning…

[15 Mar] McGill law students have a history of paying tribute to Lord Denning, one of the best-known and oft-quoted common law judges in recent memory. In the lead-up to the Faculty’s annual Skit Nite on March 20, Focus online looks at a few student encounters with the beloved British jurist.

On teaching

[15 Mar] Talking Teaching is a Q&A series from the Law Teaching Network that provides highlights from conversations with different professors from the Faculty. Here, Shauna van Praagh and Alana Klein talk about how to encourage students to ask good questions and to recognize their role in shaping how law operates in society.

Gifts in action: honouring Judge Juanita Westmoreland-Traoré

Juanita Westmoreland-Traoré [13 Feb] Justice Juanita Westmoreland-Traoré was the first black Canadian to become dean of a faculty of law and the first black Canadian appointed to the bench in Quebec. A major conference at the Faculty of Law in March will celebrate the career and contributions of this groundbreaking jurist.

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