Black History Month 2020 at the Faculty of Law

Professor Wendy Greene giving the opening keynote for BHM 2020. The Faculty had the immense honour of hosting Black History Month 2020’s Opening Ceremony, which kicked off with a keynote from Professor Wendy Greene. On February 29, we will proudly host “80 Years after Christie v. York,” a symposium that will close BHM 2020 by commemorating the life and activism of Fred Christie, and examine the present-day situation of racism and the law in Canada.

Échos facultaires

Payam Akhavan at the ICJ Lettres d’opinion, entrevues et interventions dans les médias avec Johanne Poirier, Payam Akhavan, Frédéric Mégret, Pierre-Emmanuel Moyse, Daniel Jutras, Ignacio Cofone, Richard Gold, Daniel Weinstock, et François Crépeau.

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Student News

Balarama Holness Our students have been busy! Awards for Nathaniel Reilly and Ana Qarri, opinion letters by Pierre-Alexandre Cardinal, articles by Michael Da Silva, Phil Lord, George Yeryomin, Ivan Ozai, and Kathleen Hammond; and interviews with Larissa Parker and Balarama Holness.

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Pleins feux sur Véronique Faucher

Toute jeune, Véronique Faucher, BCL/LLB’02, rêvait d’être journaliste internationale. Bien qu’elle ne soit pas devenue journaliste, elle a quand même mené une carrière très internationale: après un saut vers Moscou, cette spécialiste de la gestion d’investissements est à présent à Londres et dirige une équipe paneuropéenne.

The Road Less Travelled After Law School

Jeanelle Dundas and Thomas Hamilton The DALA student club seeks to highlight the evolution of the legal profession and the creative, alternative careers – both legal and non-legal – of Canadian law graduates, including those of Jeanelle Dundas, BCL/LLB’17 and Thomas Hamilton, BCL/LLB’14.

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