Student insights

(6 Dec) The life of an expatriate lawyer adapting to life abroad can be summarized in three simple phases: “Honeymoon; Hate; and Hey, It’s Okay…” This and other insights from student events around the Faculty for the month of November…

Behind-the-scenes at the appellate courts

(8 Nov) A word of advice for lawyers about to appear before the Quebec Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court of Canada…

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Northern exposure

(6 Dec) Law grad Stephanie Armengau talks about life as a Crown prosecutor working in James Bay and Nunavik, bringing the judicial process to cities and towns without courtrooms.

Notes from Abroad

(6 Dec) Patrick Glenn, visiting fellow at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study, reports on life in Wassenaar, from learning Dutch to keeping up with the locals on bicycles…

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Is the Gift a Contract?
(6 Dec) As the holiday season kicks into high gear, inFocus online takes a look at the legal and social dimensions of what our gifts say about us and our relationships.

Côté cour au Palais de justice

(6 déc) Un programme qui jumelle étudiants en droit avec criminalistes pour une journée d’observation leur donne un aperçu des dimensions humaines du processus juridique.

Research profile: Evan Fox-Decent and Vìctor Muñiz-Fraticelli

(6 Dec) Evan Fox-Decent and Vìctor Muñiz-Fraticelli, both assistant professors at the Faculty of Law, have carved careers out of interdisciplinary work, combining legal and political theory while working in English, French and Spanish, all with the goal of re-examining conceptions of authority and legitimacy…

Retreat enhances doctoral student experience

(8 Nov) Like so many conversations among students, the one that opened the second annual DCL student retreat at Thomson House in mid-October eventually made its way to the subject of Facebook. And like so many conversations about Facebook among individuals who also teach…

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