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March 2018
Les premiers résultats des concours de plaidoirie

Photo 1: Jonathan Descamps et Audrey Boily flanqués de l’hon. Sébastien Grammond et de Me Marc Tacheji. Photo 2: Dominique Verdurmen et Kelsey Angeley avec le juge Christian Tremblay de la Cour du Québec.

Aperçu des résultats des concours de plaidoirie

Cette année encore, la saison des concours de plaidoirie commence en force pour les étudiants et étudiantes de la Faculté ! Nous avons eu le plaisir d’apprendre que Dominique Verdurmen et Kelsey Angeley se sont emparées de la Coupe Guy-Guérin, se méritant du même fait une place dans la finale nationale pour la Sopinka Cup. L’équipe a pu compter sur le soutien de son mentor Robert Israel, BCL/LLB’06, de BTIC Avocats.

Du côté du droit civil,  Jonathan Descamps et Audrey Boily ont remporté la Coupe Jean-Martineau pour le « Tandem vainqueur de la joute finale » du Concours de plaidoirie Pierre-Basile-Mignault, ainsi que la Coupe SOQUIJ pour 2e meilleur mémoire. Les mentors Michael Shortt, BCL/LLB’13, et Marc James Tacheji, BCL/LLB’13, tous deux de Fasken Martineau, avaient accompagné la délégation mcgilloise.

Surveillez la prochaine édition de Focus online pour les résultats complets de cette saison de plaidoirie !

Calls for Justice System Overhaul

André Moreau, CBC News, 28 February 2018

Mounting calls to overhaul our justice system to better serve Indigenous communities have prompted CBC Montreal to look at Quebec’s legal system. “There needs to be people who can advocate for changes within the system,” law student André Moreau told CBC journalist Sudha Krishnan. Watch the interview >

Gun Control: March for Our Lives

Phil Lord, Daybreak Montreal – CBC, 27 February 2018

Student activism in the wake of the Valentine’s Day shooting at Stoneham Douglas High School is spreading north across the border, to Montreal. Some Montrealers have decided they want to be part of what’s being called March for Our Lives. Listen to the interview >

Coalition calls for public consultations on ‘systemic racism’ in Montreal

Dan Spector, Global News, 11 February 2018

Balarama Holness has had enough. The former Montreal Alouettes player and current McGill law student is part of a group demanding the city ramp up the fight against racism. “We will no longer accept discrimination and racial profiling,” he said Sunday to the packed basement of Union United Church, the same church Nelson Mandela once visited. Keep reading >

Opinion: Targets of racism can learn from #MeToo

Viva Dadwal, Montreal Gazette, 6 February 2018

Racism weighs down on people, personally, silently, humiliatingly. We must talk about our truths instead of being ashamed or hiding from them. Much like the lessons from the #MeToo movement, we must learn to recognize and sanction the various forms of prejudice that have been slowly breeding within our own lives and communities. Keep reading >

Why does law need feminism?

Katie Moore, UToday, University of Calgary, 2 February 2018

The #LawNeedsFeminismBecause wave continues to sweep law faculties across Canada. The student initiated campaign first went viral in 2016. Two years and hundreds of portraits later, the collective is now planning their second annual forum. Keep reading >



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