Alumni voices

March 2017

Dans cette édition, nos diplômées Wela Quan et Frédérique St-Jean offrent leurs perspectives sur la profession juridique et la formation professionnelle.

One Netflix-obsessed lawyer’s quest to find a hobby:
What she learned from taking up squash and pottery

Rosel KimRosel Kim, BCL/LLB’15, Precedent Magazine, 7 March 2017

Soon after I began articling at Goodmans LLP in August 2015, I got involved in the summer-student recruitment process. Poring over the CVs of hopeful applicants, I was impressed by the hobbies students had listed. Figure skating at the varsity level. Opera singing. Ballet. I spent most of my free time getting lost in a Netflix series and watching cat videos. Where were my CV-worthy hobbies?

But it’s never too late to ditch the remote and try something different. So, I resolved to take up two new hobbies. Keep reading…

Dear lawyers, legal professionals and law students: A letter to all of us on the front lines

Wela QuanWela Quan, BCL/LLB’10, Canadian Lawyer Magazine, 13 February 2017

Our time has finally come.

For too long we have toiled thanklessly, mired in paperwork, keeping our heads down. We have borne the brunt of lawyer jokes, suffered as professional punching bags and bravely pretended the jabs at our life’s work didn’t chip away at our sense of dignity. And for too long we have done all of these things in the shadows, like the ugly stepsister to our prized sibling — the saintly doctor.

But no more.

Last week, as news broke of United States President Donald Trump’s executive order to ban Muslims, America’s airports became disaster zones. Residents with valid status were barred from returning home and children were separated from their parents. Innocent people were detained and protests by outraged citizens rose up across the nation. Keep reading…

Opinion: Café, étude… et la santé mentale dans tout ça ?

Frédérique St-JeanFrédérique St-Jean, BCL/LLB’16, LaPresse+, 5 février 2017

Dans le cadre de la journée Cause pour la cause, Patrick Lagacé a écrit au sujet de la santé mentale en milieu de travail. Parce que cette discussion mérite d’être approfondie, ce texte aborde la santé mentale chez une autre clientèle : les jeunes adultes.

Ces jeunes qui sont entrés dans un monde où boire sept cafés par jour, étudier du matin au soir, passer des nuits blanches à la bibliothèque sont valorisés et banalisés. Un monde où la compétition est de plus en plus féroce pour accéder au marché du travail, parce qu’avoir des bonnes notes ne suffit plus. Non, maintenant, il faut aussi que des activités extracurriculaires remplissent les deux pages de ton C.V. Lire la suite…



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